Our Services

We are A Unique Pointe! Of View, a small family owned decor & small Reno business, who approaches every “Uplift” with family values in mind.  We cater to our client’s needs by listening and helping them visualize the many possibilities to their new or mature space with their character and lifestyle in mind.  We are bold with our unique design and are not afraid to mix styles!  We feel that your space is yours uniquely and that there is no right or wrong look when being being your creative self!  We encourage you to live out loud and let your space do the talking!

Interior Design

Our services include small to large Renovations and Uplifts to fit your unique style, below is a list of some of what we can do for you:

  • Consultation to give our best opinion of your space
  • Two detailed invoice/contracts outlining your choice of our full uplift or an advisement agreement to make it easy to decide
  • Managing your project from beginning to end 
  • Availability through text, phone, email or messenger to share visuals, share ideas or answer questions
  • Unpackage new arrivals
  • Returning items damaged or no longer needed
  • Paint 
  • Wallpaper
  • Crown molding
  • Floor trim
  • Electrical work, (licensed contractor) 
  • Changing/installing light fixtures 
  • Professional floor installation including wood, tile, vinyl and more.
  • Full unique room design ideas & execution
  • Full professional decor design based on your personality

*All done around a family oriented love and pure passion for what we do!

Full Uplift using used-like new pieces, we reupholster & customize just for you!

You may have a concept but execution is confusing or you may only have a few ideas or absolutely none at all.  This is where our expertise is used to create every aspect of your space to help you achieve your desired look . We create ideas, moods and “original custom” pieces that no one else can duplicate to ensure that your space is original and unique  just like you! 

We Do Commercial "Uplifts" too!

Being in a beautiful space is not only for home but for where you work also.  We love designing and personalizing your workplace to show your clients who you really are without saying a word!  Gorgeous concepts are our specialty and creating a comfy yet sophisticated yet fun working area, gives you something that you don’t mind getting up excited and going to work for!

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Whether your uplift needs to be designed from scratch, rebranded/refurbished or you need assistance bringing your vision to fruition, A Unique Pointe! of View  can help! Contact us TODAY and let the uplifting begin!

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